Outsourced Product Development

The cutthroat competitiveness of the modern-day business ecosystem has laid the emphasis on solutions that are capable of driving dominance in the industry. NDOT leverages next-generation technologies and strategic planning in such a way that it addresses the clients’ specific objectives and challenges. With an intelligent approach to product development, NDOT enhances your business potential and puts you ahead of the rest.

Leveraging technology

With extensive experience across multiple domains, we incorporate best industry practices and infuse our creative innovation to deliver stand-out product solutions.

Simplistic methodology

Our agile approach is devised to provide clients with the ability to contribute ideas, implement iteration and oversee the progress in a seamless work environment.

Uncompromising standards

Where innovation and technology are the foundation of our operations, our faultless quality process is the key aspect that ties everything together for maximum results.

Best-of-the-best innovators

Our team of creative minds and subject-matter experts bring their technical know-how for faster deployment of solutions that become your biggest strategic advantage.

Our Expertise


Modernize business channels with web development

To establish the highest level of user engagement

The ever-changing business landscape demands a powerful online presence. NDOT bridges the gap between the businesses and its end users with interactive web design and development. Our outsourced product development solutions cater to your specific requirements, ranging from full-fledged websites to internal business web applications. We identify industry-centric trends through extensive research and leverage both creativity and technology to build a platform that introduces your business on the grand stage.

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Chartering the course for mobile app development

To stand apart with intelligent, bespoke solutions

Where technological advancements have stirred the industry, NDOT keeps up with the current by incorporating the newest practices. Using revolutionary technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data, we provide custom-made solutions that make mobile applications not a mere necessity solution, but a powerful channel that gives your business an edge. Our expertise spans across conventional mobile applications and next-generation IoT applications which solves your real-life business challenges.

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Build strategic advantage with digital marketing

To devise strategies that yield more than just results

NDOT understands the impact a strategic digital marketing approach can have on the exposure and success of a business. To cater to this competitive industry, we bring our team of marketing experts who evaluate every facet of your competitors, market scope and your product to build a continuous digital marketing strategy that pushes your business right to the top. We don’t just promote your business, we build a brand that reverberates your values and establishes a distinctive image in the minds of your target audience.

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10+ Years Experience

With a decade-long experience that spans across different verticals and technologies, our outsourced product development solutions are beyond ordinary and give your business the innovative advantage it needs to have a competitive edge in the industry.

Global Clientele

NDOT has served more than 200 clients that touch various industries, including Transportation, Hospitality, Retail and Manufacturing. This has helped us in understanding the pulse of the domains and providing the very best your business deserves.

Edge of innovation

Our inquisitive minds have taken us along newer paths leading to the implementation of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data. We ensure that our solutions breathe the same kind of innovation and intelligence.

What our clients say