Enterprise Mobility

Delivering mobility solutions to revamp transportation sector by implementing radical technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data

An On-Demand Passenger Transportation

A highly configurable taxi management solution that is designed to automate and simplify dispatch process of on-demand transportation services that move people.

A Fleet Management Solution

An intelligent fleet management system that is for trucking and logistics businesses to improve fleet tracking system, automate dispatch, and provide robust monitoring functions.



A connected intelligence pertinent to the transportation

To envision the future of enterprise fleet management

With rapidly evolving client demands, NDOT has focused on developing enterprise mobility solutions by activating revolutionary technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data and developed a best-in-class fleet intelligence software. We have built products to revamp businesses and go beyond the line to help our clients with support services. We understand and carve out solutions across the verticals of vehicle/asset tracking, automated dispatch, workforce management, and risk analysis.

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An incredible solution for transportation enterprises

To leverage mobility for improving every facet of transit

Economies have been highly influenced by the transportation and logistics sector as it is one of the profitable businesses. Increase in demand put service providers in an urge to adopt a technology to stay afloat. As an idea of changing the traditional dispatching, NDOT has come up with a mobility solution that can revamp the entire industry. Mobility plays a key role in automating transportation; thereby, businesses can ensure visibility, make informed decisions, and perform efficiently.

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Sustainable strategies with a forward-looking approach

To achieve a competitive advantage via digital marketing

Marketing would no longer be a rocket science for those who rely on digital platform to gear up promotions and upscale business. NDOT understands its clients better than anyone else and assists them in attaining efficiency. We support them with seamless services in marketing their business digitally across the intended market through all possible ways. We do execute multiple digital marketing strategies with hands-on support from dedicated marketing associates to help our clients achieve their fundamental goals. By providing comprehensive services, we enable a wide range of opportunity for our clients to create identity and curate associations.

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Delivering innovation for better business outcomes

To leverage technological solutions and drive results

Organizations today constantly rely upon innovative products and digital presence to remain viable in this competitive market. NDOT brings forth its deep knowledge and expertise over multiple domains to build bespoke solutions. We scale our clients’ specific challenges and match the industry standards by catering to a holistic approach which encompasses a compelling digital experience, problem-solving applications and strategies to establish a distinctive brand identity.

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About Us

NDOT imparts tech solutions to organizations that move people and merchandise, thereby helping them streamline business processes.



Started fluttering in the information technology world as a service-based company


Ramped up

Taken new incarnation as a product-based company to disrupt the transportation industry



Integrated advanced technology into the solutions we provide to satisfy the market needs



Stepped into an outgrowth phase of covering more regions with well-grown products

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Facts and figures recite cases that explain NDOT’s substantial solutions for its clients to resolve their business concerns.


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The foundation of successful operations


A way to unlock the greater potential


Progressing forward with innovation


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